Badminton Club Leeds’ Equipment Repaired After Freak Accident

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Members of Farsley Celtic Badminton Club Leeds feared the worst when one of their team mates had a freak accident whilst on court, resulting in one of the club’s important metal net posts breaking at the joint.

Thankfully, player Sam Hall was uninjured, but with no replacement post on hand, the club needed a quick fix.

When James Doyle, owner of Doyle’s of Farsley heard about the Farsley badminton club Leeds predicament he was only too willing to help them out.

The Farsley Chairman spoke with James and in no time James set his top man the task of re-welding the joints. Just two days later the post was repaired and handed back to the club as good as new – if not better.

Sam was most relieved as he feared that the post could not be fixed, or he’d have to pay for a replacement, but James fixed the post for free as a gesture of good will to the club – sparing the need for Sam to put his hand in his very deep pockets.

Sam said: “That will now be my lucky post for the next 50 years. One day I will pass it on to the next ‘me’ – and he will probably break it as well.”

The post has been given a new lease of life and even a gold tint to let everyone know this is forever ‘Sam’s Post’.

Farsley Celtic Badminton Club Leeds would like to express their gratitude to James and his team for their work.

John Palfreeman