Farsley Badminton Leeds, Team up with Badminton England for ‘No Strings’

Farsley Celtic Badminton Club Leeds were contacted by Badminton England recently and asked to participate in the ‘No Strings’ initiative.

‘No Strings’ badminton is the perfect place for absolute beginners to take up the game, allowing them to immediately play against people of a similar ability level.

Occasionally clubs like Farsley Celtic Badminton Club Leeds will welcome beginner players, but cannot always offer them the time and training needed to raise their game to a competitive standard for club nights.

With ‘No Strings’, Farsley members will be able to direct beginner players to the alternative sessions, with the hope that the players will return to Farsley at a later date when their game has developed.

‘No Strings’ badminton sessions nearest to Farsley in Leeds are held at Kirkstall Leisure Centre, Tuesdays, 11am-12pm; Rothwell Leisure Centre, Thursdays, 10:30 am – 11:30 am; Scott Hall Leisure Centre, Wednesdays 1pm-2pm.

For more info visit nostringsbadminton.co.uk.
Image: Badminton England