Captain’s Report – Mens A Season Review 2014/15

mens a captains report

Optimism was high at the start of the badminton season. Having dropped from Division 2 into Division 3, the expectation was high that a return to Division 2 was on the cards.

The season started strongly with a 9-0 win against Batley, followed by a 6-3 win against Scott Hall and then a 7-2 victory against Horsforth – things were looking good and going to plan.

Next was Ramgharia away, two hours timed courts meant that all nine games could not be finished and the game ended 7-1 to Farsley. However, this was seen as a missed opportunity for an additional point. David and Mr. Badminton (John Palfreeman) had only dropped one rubber in the first four games at this point.

Sitting confidently at the top of the division, the Men’s A team entertained Spartans at home: This could be a tough one as this team had gained promotion the previous year having smashed the league. It was evident from the first two games that we were in trouble, losing both. A 7-2 defeat brought us back to Earth, realising the division may not be as easy as we had imagined.

Following a couple more tight wins we then slipped on a banana skin as two of our team turned up at home for an away match. A game that we should have comfortably won turned into a 5-4 defeat.

Losing 7-2 to Otley then turned the season into a struggle to catch the leading teams for promotion. Key player John Snow had moved south and was only available for home games, which meant calling on the B Team reserves. Ian and Sam stood in and performed admirably in the games they played.

Then came the sucker punch of the season, Mr. Badminton having limped around on his dodgy knee for the first three-quarters of the season then damaged his wrist (apparently something to do with repetitive work syndrome?). Being the competitor he is this did not weaken his resolve.

A new member arrived to help finish off the season, Kieron Chatterton, lifting the spirits of the team and giving hope for a strong finish to the season. A strong finish it was, however, the damage had been done earlier in the season and the team finished in a valiant 3rd place.

A big thank you to the regular team members, Paul, Mark, John P and Steve. A big thank you also to the early leavers, late comers and stand ins – we couldn’t have got there without you, Ian, Sam, Matt, and Kieron.

Roll on next season and let’s see if we can go one better and get back to Division 2?

Dave Woodcock, Men’s A Team Captain