Player Profile: Stephen Richardson


How long have you been playing badminton?

Since I was about ten, with a few years out for University.

How long have you been a member of Farsley Celtic Badminton Club?

About three or four years.

What appeals to you most about the game?

The fast pace and ability to outplay your opponent.

What do you enjoy most about the club nights?

Lots of games and never sat out for long since we have five courts!

What’s your favourite badminton shot?

Crosscourt drop shot. Otherwise known as the “John Palfreeman”. Except mine go over the net.

You play for the club – how different is competitive badminton to club night badminton?

Club night is more relaxed. Competitive is all about the win and ensuring you top the rankings on Sportsganiser. No one wants to end up lower than Ian.

What has been your competitive highlight so far?

Playing with Paul against Scott Hall last season. We lost all 3 games. I and John would have taken all 3.

Where would you like to see your game in two years’ time?

It’s difficult to improve on perfection. I would like to see the return of my smash. I have been nursing a severe shoulder injury since Christmas 2014.

How much does badminton contribute to your overall fitness?


How competitive are you? Do you want to win every game?

At club night I’m not very competitive but when it comes to matches I’m all business.

Which player or players do you admire most at the club, and why?
I admire John Palfreeman the most. But let’s just say the pupil has become the master.


So, what’s your court entry theme tune when you get to the Olympics?

Peppa Pig.

Who would play you in the badminton movie of your life – and why?

Don’t know!

Who is your club Nemesis? What is it about their game that you find difficult?

Ian Richardson. I’m always knackered picking the shuttle up from his side of the net.

What part of Palfs’s game do you admire the most?

The racquet swap technique to secure the win.

If you could invent a rule change (however fantastical), what would it be?

Same brand of shuttlecocks for every game at every club in every league.

Who are you coming as in the next Farsley-does-fancy-dress competition?

Has Jimmy Saville been done yet?


Do you participate in other sports? If yes, which ones?

Football occasionally at work.

What’s your ideal post-badminton drink?

Carlsberg. Peroni if I’m not paying.

How do you think the club could be improved?

More ladies for competitive matches (but mainly for Sam).

If you could choose anything, what would be your ideal social event with the club?

Otley run.

How do you wind down after a club night?

Bowl of Cheerios and chill out with the cats in my boxer shorts. Is there any other way?