Captain’s Report – Mens B Season Review 2015-16

The 2015-16 Leeds Badminton season started with some surprising news – after battling to a third placed finish by one point in League 4 the previous season, league restructuring meant we were given an unexpected promotion to League 3.

Despite the team only being together for six months, we decided to try and make the best of the League 3 challenge and, although at the end of the season we were relegated back to League 4, all six main players feel we are now better players for having had the experience.

Some games were frustratingly close, with our lack of League 3 experience meaning we failed to close out a few games that we perhaps should have won.

We were rarely outplayed and, although results went against us, we felt we were in with a chance of victory in most games.

The team used the second half of the season to test out new pairings in order to prepare for a stronger season in League 4.

With settled pairings and a good year of playing time behind us, we are hoping for a strong showing back in League 4 for the 2016-17 season.

As Captain, I’d like to thank the regular players for their commitment, time and effort across a very hard season. We kept our morale, sportsmanship and good humor high at all times.

I’d also like to thank the numerous players who filled in for holidays, absence and injury throughout the badminton season.