Player Profile: Lynda Bedford


How long have you been playing badminton?

For as long as I can remember and fortunately I am still enjoying it!

How long have you been a member of Farsley Celtic Badminton Club?

About 20 years

What appeals to you most about the game?

It’s a good laugh and I get some exercise too – result!

What do you enjoy most about the club nights?

Having the chance to play with and against other members of the club, who I don’t normally see

What’s your favourite badminton shot?

Being a person of small stature, net shots of course!

How different is competitive badminton to club night badminton?

I think I would have to say that sometimes club night is more competitive, believe it or not!

What has been your competitive highlight so far?

Won a few trophies with mixed team and ladies team, so not doing too bad.

Where would you like to see your game in two years’ time?

As long as I can play the same as Charles, I will be doing ok!

How much does badminton contribute to your overall fitness?

Quite a lot. I enjoy walking and swimming too, so they all complement each other.

How competitive are you? Do you want to win every game?

I like to win, who doesn’t? But if I’ve played well and lost, then that’s ok.

Which player or players do you admire most at the club, and why?

Difficult one. I’ve made a lot of friends during the time I’ve played for Farsley, so won’t like to pick out one particular person. Ian Richardson is fun and always makes you laugh. He is so enthusiastic about everything so he will make a good Chairman this year.  It’s also good to have some new female players. Hopefully this season we will get some more!


So, what’s your court entry theme tune when you get to the Olympics?

‘Rocky’ of course!

Who is your club Nemesis? What is it about their game that you find difficult?

Probably Palf. He has all the shots and has you running around the court!

What part of Palfs’ game do you admire the most?

A range of shots and the way he thinks about each one.

Who are you coming as in the next Farsley-does-fancy-dress competition?

Not sure yet, will have to think about that one!


Do you participate in other sports? If yes, which ones?

Walking (but never doing the Three Peaks again after the third and final time last year), swimming and now Crown Green bowls with my daughter and her partner.

What’s your ideal post-badminton drink?

Large glass of water. Kidding, it has to be a nice cold glass of dry Rosé.

How do you think the club could be improved?

More players?

If you could choose anything, what would be your ideal social event with the club?

Enjoy the 10 pin bowling nights, always competitive.

How do you wind down after a club night?

Shower, straight home and read the paper in bed (how boring – ha ha).