Player Profile: Ian Richardson


How long have you been playing badminton?

Since my dad took me to the local club back in Cumbria aged 13.

How long have you been a member of Farsley Celtic Badminton Club?

Four years I think!

What appeals to you most about the game?

Long exciting rallies when playing similar standard opponents.

What do you enjoy most about the club nights?

The people, the banter and the competitive matches.

What’s your favourite badminton shot?

Smash – my only shot.

You play for the club – how different is competitive badminton to club night badminton?

It’s certainly more serious. More pressure and a real desire to want to win every point. Encouragement among partners and team mates throughout the match, as opposed to banter on a club night.

What has been your competitive highlight so far?

Winning the Mixed B knockout trophy two years straight – and actually winning a game of badminton with Sam Hall

Where would you like to see your game in two years’ time?

In the first Men’s Team – with the rest of the Men’s B.

How much does badminton contribute to your overall fitness?

A third. I play golf twice a week and go boot camp twice a week… I have a very poor metabolism.

How competitive are you? Do you want to win every game?

Very. I want to win everything – but my partner is Sam Hall.

Which player or players do you admire most at the club, and why?

Hate to say this, but I am always impressed with some of the shots of my brother, Stephen. He reminds me of my idol, John Palfreeman.


So, what’s your court entry theme tune when you get to the Olympics?

Survivor – ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Who would play you in the badminton movie of your life – and why?

Peter Kay – win or lose, there is always a joke to be made.

Who is your club Nemesis? What is it about their game that you find difficult?

John Palfreeman – playing WITH him!

What part of Palfs’s game do you admire the most?

His only shot – the reverse backhand cross court with a slice.

If you could invent a rule change (however fantastical), what would it be?

I wouldn’t change the rules – I would invent the ever lasting perfect feather shuttle.

Who are you coming as in the next Farsley-does-fancy-dress competition?

John Palfreeman (all I need is a cricket jumper and a knackered old knee brace).


Do you participate in other sports? If yes, which ones?

I play golf every weekend at Calverley. Absolutely love it – when the sun is shining.

What’s your ideal post-badminton drink?

Lager. Lager. Bag of crisps. Lager. Maybe Guinness.

How do you think the club could be improved?

We desperately need more women members to help the ladies and mixed teams. Apart from that – I love this club!

If you could choose anything, what would be your ideal social event with the club?

Absolutely anything our legendary social secretary decides to do.

How do you wind down after a club night?

A cold lager in the club house next door to the courts.