Player Profile: Deborah Hardwick


How long have you been playing badminton?

Played for 15 years had a break and have been playing again for a further 15 years.

How long have you been a member of Farsley Celtic Badminton Club?

About 15 years.

What appeals to you most about the game?

It is a very competitive and social game.

What do you enjoy most about the club nights?

Being able to play badminton against people with different standards.

What’s your favourite badminton shot?

Don’t really have a favourite shot, although it is always good to get a decent smash in.

You play for the club – how different is competitive badminton to club night badminton?

Club night is different as you get to play against players that are better than you are and they are always willing to give your tips and there is less pressure.

What has been your competitive highlight so far?

I have had a few highlights. The first being when the second team ladies beat Horsforth in the handicap cup, which was not at all expected. The second was winning the cup with Mixed B in the handicap against Garforth Juniors who had run away with league and we were expecting to be well and truly beaten. The third was winning the inaugural Chris Heathcote in-house tournament, having being Chris’s last mixed partner before we sadly lost him.

How much does badminton contribute to your overall fitness?

It is very big part of my fitness and it also helps me with the other sport I play.

How competitive are you? Do you want to win every game?

I am very competitive and if somebody winds me up in a match, or I have had a bad day, it only gets worse!  I would love to win every game, but as long as I know I have played to my best ability I am happy.

Which player or players do you admire most at the club, and why?

Charles, who at the age he is can still play very good badminton and is so helpful with coaching – plus Imogen, my ladies partner who, like me, never gives up.


So, what’s your court entry theme tune when you get to the Olympics?

‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ by Mika.

Who would play you in the badminton movie of your life – and why?

Renee Zellweger, as she is blonde and, if need be for a role, is happy to put on weight.

Who is your club Nemesis? What is it about their game that you find difficult?

Paul D, as I struggle to read his game.

What part of Palfs’s game do you admire the most?

His knack of being able to win games with not a smash in sight!

Who are you coming as in the next Farsley-does-fancy-dress competition?

Not sure. Possibly a school girl!


Do you participate in other sports? If yes, which ones?

Yes, I play netball in the West Yorkshire League.

What’s your ideal post-badminton drink?

Pint of cider always goes down well.

If you could choose anything, what would be your ideal social event with the club?

I am willing to give anything a go.  White water rafting is good for group participation and great fun.

How do you wind down after a club night?

Like my visit to the club house/pub after club night for the odd pint and the banter with other club members.